Whether your business is established or just starting we can help.
Whether you want to prioritize low monthly payments, payment flexibility, or the option of purchasing the equipment during or after the lease term, or something else entirely.
It’s important to understand what is considered “equipment”. In terms of equipment financing, any tangible asset, other than property or a building, if it's used in the operation of a business it may be considered business equipment.
For example, a pizza oven in a restaurant, a dental exam chair, computers or printers for an expanding office, or even large heavy equipment or construction vehicles, may all qualify as business equipment. Even TV's for your waiting room, or store qualify.
Cricket Funding will help you align your equipment financing
choice by keeping your business in mind.
We’re here to walk you through the whole leasing application process.

Regardless of the size of your business, Getting financing from Cricket Funding will allow you to get the financing you need for your business.
Cricket Funding Advantage
✅ Customized and flexible financing options.
✅ Quick Closings.
✅ Upgrade equipment as needed.
✅ Refinance your old equipment.
✅ Lending $1,500 - $50+ Million.
✅ Easy Online Application.
✅ Good, Poor, Bad credit profiles OK.
✅ Prompt credit decision.
“Our minimum qualifications are not as strict, like the banks.”
Whether your business is just starting out or you have been in business for many years, we can create a custom financing program just for you!
Retail Vendor Profit Sharing with Cricket Funding
Eligible Equipment & Machinery:
Whether your business is just starting out or you have been in business for years, we can create a custom financing program just for you!
We offer a fast and simple solution for companies acquiring new and used equipment. Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price for the equipment financed. Most businesses are able to deduct 100% of the total equipment costs.
Cricket Funding also offers working capital loans and many other financing programs.
We understand every business has unique needs. Our leasing professionals will evaluate each application exclusively and will customize a financing solution to meet your company needs, allowing your business to grow.
• Aggregate Equipment
Agricultural Farm Equipment
• Aviation Equipment
• Bottling Equipment
• Business Equipment Leasing
• Business Helicopters
• CNC Equipment
• Computer Leasing
• Concrete Equipment
• Construction Equipment
• Corporate Jets
• Dry-Cleaning Equipment Leasing
• Drilling Equipment
• Energy Equipment
• Fabrication Equipment
• Factory Equipment
• Fitness Equipment Leasing
• Food Processing Equipment
Heavy Equipment
• Industrial Equipment
• Logging Equipment
• Machine Tools
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Marine Equipment
• Medical Equipment
• Metalworking Equipment
• Mining Equipment
• Network Equipment Leasing
• Office Equipment Leasing
• Oil & Gas Equipment
• Packaging Equipment
• Pharmaceutical Equipment
• Plastics Equipment
• Printing Equipment
• Production Equipment
• Processing Equipment
• Quarry Equipment
• Railroad Equipment
• Recycling Equipment
• Restaurant Equipment Leasing
• Security Equipment Leasing
• Semiconductor Equipment
• Shipping Equipment
• Software Leasing
• Startup Financing
• Telecom Equipment Leasing
• Transportation Equipment
• Truck Fleets
• Trailer Fleets
• Tug Boats
• Woodworking Equipment Leasing
• Workboats
Equipment Vendor Financing
What Types of Equipment Can You Lease?
Almost anything! From restaurant equipment to trucks to computers to fitness equipment, you can save your capital and get what you need in a way that is more affordable than purchasing outright.
Financing & leasing equipment gives you the option to get new equipment now and pay for it in small, manageable payments. You can start earning money with your new equipment before your first payment is due!
Purchasing new or used equipment is most likely the largest capital investment you will make for your business. Equipment financing and leasing is an easy, economical way for a business of any size to get equipment without making a large cash investment.

Whether you are looking to expand your current capacity or looking to replace old, inefficient equipment, Cricket Funding, LLC will help you finance the equipment you need for your business.
We also understand that borrowing can be very complex, confusing and intimidating especially if you are not familiar with the process and potential pitfalls of financing. Let our experienced team connect you to the right loan with the right terms and right conditions for your company.
Retail Vendor Program
How does Equipment Leasing work?
You choose the equipment you want, making sure to include all shipping, installation, and setup fees.
You fill out a simple lease application with us, specifying the loan amount and type of lease.
Your lease is approved by Cricket Funding and the equipment is delivered and or installed.
You make fixed monthly payments and enjoy the benefits of the equipment.
A lease is not a loan, so it does not appear on your credit report as a loan. Nevertheless, like a loan, standard lease terms can include three, seven, or even 10 years.

Leasing is similar to borrowing, however in a lease, it’s the lender that purchases the equipment and then leases (rents) it back to you for a flat monthly fee—sometimes lower than the payment on a loan would be.

Most equipment leases come with a fixed interest rate and fixed term, but interest rates and terms can vary depending upon the leasing term and your credit profile. Your dedicated leasing manager will answer any questions.
Call: 1-844-394-2771
Cricket Funding, LLC offers various benefits that you can’t get through banks and larger financial institutions.

Our goal is to make the leasing and financing process as easy as possible for you.
Equipment Financing
Transportation Equipment
Cricket Funding serves a wide range of credits from "A to D" ratings. We can truly help you get the deal done. Isn’t that what you’re looking for in a finance company?
We want to create personal relationships with you directly because we want your business to succeed.
We want to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship. We know this will help both of our businesses grow.
We make sure you get the best rate possible. By you having a direct communication with your leasing manager making your financing process quick and easy.
Cricket Funding, LLC
getting you approved!!!
We’re here to walk you through the whole business loan application process, from start to finish.
Regardless of the size of your business, Getting financing from Cricket Funding, LLC will allow you to get the equipment financing you need for your business.
Cricket Funding gives your company the power to succeed by providing flexible and cost-effective business financing solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.
Whether you are looking to expand your current capacity or looking to replace old, inefficient equipment, We will help you acquire the equipment you need for your business.

Equipment Financing for new business
by, Cricket Funding, LLC

Used farm equipment financing

Used equipment financing bad credit

Bad Credit Loans

Restaurant equipment financing bad credit

Heavy Equipment Lenders

Subprime Lenders that help companies get the financing they need to grow.

Cricket Funding offer equipment loans for bad credit through private lenders from across the United States.

If your looking for restaurant equipment lease financing companies for bad credit, or searching for current 2018 or 2019 financing rates, We have the best equipment business lenders in U.S..

Some equipment leasing companies for bad credit like Cricket Funding work with buyers needing low credit score lenders that can approve applications with bad credit.

Some farmers search for farm equipment loans for bad credit because they need capital to run their farm and grow their agriculture farming business.
Some construction companies need heavy equipment loans bad credit with Cricket Funding, LLC. we can get you approved quickly and without to much paperwork.
The used heavy equipment financing for bad credit like what Cricket Funding are on a top 10 list of loan companies in the United States. So if your needing an equipment loan call them today. - 844-394-2771
Do you need small business loans for bad credit.
We can help your company grow and get the financing you need.
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Searching for business equipment financing bad credit, we can get you approved today.
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Did you know you can buy a tractor with bad credit. Just give us a few minutes to show you a free online quote.

Top equipment business Leasing companies that work with lenders across the nation.

Farm equipment financing bad credit getting approved within hours sometimes.


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