Affordable financing options for your product, equipment, and services.

The financing process is quick and simple for both vendor and customer alike.
✅ We provide a custom, co-branded application web page for customers to apply.
✅ We offer a quick online & downloadable financing application.
✅ An initial retail vendor kit, including printed lease applications if needed.
✅ A website link for customers to apply for financing directly from Cricket Funding.
✅ A dedicated Vendor Relationship Manager for vendors and their customers.
“While banks are reviewing your customers, we’re funding them.”
Retail Vendor Profit Sharing with Cricket Funding
Up to 25% profit-sharing on every Loan
Cricket Funding offers three different partner levels, please choose how involved you would like to be in the financing process.
We can handle the entire transaction, or simply guide your finance manager through our process. Each of these levels is based on the degree of handling that is tailored to suite your individual business needs to maximize your selling process.
Cricket Funding serves a wide range of credits. And we make sure your customers get the best rate possible. We truly can help you get your deals done!
Partner Level 1
This Level is great for loan officers/loan originators or businesses with a full-fledged finance manager.

You or your finance manager agree to handle the transaction from the beginning to end, and communicates everything to the customer. Cricket Funding has no initial interaction with the customer.

You or your finance manager will submit the application to Cricket's Processing Center and communicate with us, we will process the application and get you lender approval.
Partner Level 2
For businesses with sales reps or administrative staff who can handle a portion of the financing steps, your staff would be responsible for taking the application, plus obtaining any additional required paperwork from the customer, plus getting the official leasing documents signed.

Cricket Funding will handle everything in between, we will step in and review the loan application and communicate with the customer on payment plans, financing options, and answer all of their questions.
Call: 1-855-965-2299
Partner Level 3
At this level Cricket Funding will handle the complete financing transaction – from start to finish. Cricket Funding will happily work with your customer from filling out the application all the way to the signing of the loan documents.

This level is still very good for your company because our leasing professional will explain the terms of a loan in easy to understand way to your customers that will improve your closing percentages on each loan sale.

Although this sharing level is not quite as lucrative, the overall benefit to your business in terms of increased sales and revenue can be dramatic because we offer great financing and access to lenders across the United States.
Equipment Vendor Financing
Product & Equipment Vendor Financing
Our flexible and competitive equipment financing programs make it so anyone can afford your equipment. We work with “A” through “D” credit Giving your sales department the ability to close on deals and increase the sales amount.
We finance and lease all types of products and equipment, made by any manufacturer. Contact us about the specific products and equipment that your customers need financed.
Retail Vendor Program
Retail Vendor Program
The Cricket marketing team will be happy to help you gain a competitive advantage.
We can provide your business and your customers with great financing options. Cricket Funding can provide your business a way of getting people into your business and making them happy new customers by offering flexible loan terms.
Gain a competitive advantage by reaching an untapped marketplace of eager consumers.
Giving consumers multiple options for paying might be the difference between making a sale and turning a potential customer away. Cricket Funding can substantially increase your sales.
We can set up a consultation and answer any questions you may have and see which partner level is best for you.
Equipment Financing
Business Spotlight
Businesses like American International TN, needed to offer financing to sell their equipment. "The heavy duty steel  truck dumpers that unload shipping containers."
By offering creative financing solutions that meet the needs of their customers, they increase sales.
Cricket Funding serves a wide range of credits from "A to D" ratings. We can truly help you get the deal done. Isn’t that what you’re looking for in a finance company?
We want to create personal relationships with our Vendor Partners directly because we want your business to succeed.
We want to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship. We know this will help both of our businesses grow.
We make sure your customers get the best rate possible. By you "Our Vendor Partner"  having a direct communication with your vendor manager makes your customers financing process quick and easy.
Cricket Funding Marketing
The Cricket marketing team will be more than happy to help you gain a competitive advantage.
We distribute marketing emails to businesses in markets that we provide financing too.
We're great at customizing financing literature and online images for our valued retail vendor partners.
We're actively promoting! We can join you at trade shows that you're attending. Our financing signage is perfect for displaying on your product and equipment at trade shows or any event.
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